International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Darfur refugees in Chad

In February 2004, the International Rescue Committee deployed an emergency response team to Chad to support Sudanese refugees fleeing violence in Darfur. Since then, Chad has hosted more than 350,000 Sudanese refugees as the brutal conflict continues. The IRC has been there to support them and the local population with vital resources and other services to make this time of transition as safe and easy as possible.

How We Help

The IRC provides emergency health care and support for refugees and local communities.

Darfuri refugees in Chad
Photo: Sophia Jones/IRC

We manage hospitals, health centers and clinics for primary medical care.

maternity clinic in chad
Photo: Sophia Jones/IRC

The IRC treats cholera and prevents it from spreading.

Darfuri children collect water from Lake Tissi in Chad
Photo: Sophia Jones/IRC

We improve hygiene and sanitation and bring in clean water

treating water in Chad
Photo: Joanne Offer/IRC

The IRC trains teachers, providing high-quality education.

teacher in camp for Darfur refugees in Chad
Photo: Sophia Jones/IRC

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