International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Photos: emergency supplies for uprooted women in Congo

Thousands of people displaced by recent fighting in eastern Congo remain in limbo. Many were forced to flee their homes with only the clothes on their backs.

This week the International Rescue Committee delivered emergency relief supplies to nearly 2,100 uprooted families in North Kivu province, focusing on items that can help make life in camps and shelters a little safer and more comfortable for women and girls.
These emergency kits included soap and buckets for washing, traditional pagne cloth for women’s clothing, underwear and sanitary items, flip-flops (many of the women were wearing worn-out shoes, or no shoes at all), a flashlight and batteries, and a whistle.
Aisha Bain, the IRC 's emergency team leader in Congo, shared these photos of this afternoon’s aid distribution:
Crowd at an aid distribution in North Kivu, Congo
Woman with pagne at North Kivu aid distribution
Woman with bucket at aid distribution, North Kivu
Women with flip-flops and emergency supplies at distribution in North Kivu
people wait for emergency supplies at aid distribution in North Kivu, Congo
Woman unfolds pagne cloth at aid distribution in North Kivu
Woman with pagne cloth at aid distribution in North Kivu, Congo
Photos: Aisha Bain/IRC
The IRC is expanding our emergency response in both North and South Kivu provinces, with a focus on emergency food, health care, cholera prevention and treatment, clean water and sanitation, and assistance for survivors of sexual violence.


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