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Fear and misconceptions drive the fatal Ebola virus deeper into West Africa; hundreds dead

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Women of Congo defy convention

Daring to Defy: Acclaimed photojournalist Lynsey Addario shows how women in the Democratic Republic of Congo are becoming powerful agents of change in their communities, with help from the IRC. More on this project:

Fleeing violence in Nigeria: photos, updates [Storify]

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Day of the African Child 2014: new IRC photos on Twitter

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South Sudan: marking six months of conflict

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Voices of women in Central African Republic [Video]

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Empowering survivors: honoring Séraphine Musanga of Congo

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Sanitation and Safety: The IRC helps women feel safe as they take care of basic needs for themselves and their families

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Voices of women in the Central African Republic

These are the voices of women in the Central African Republic. Since 2013 the already unstable country has desceded into chaos and become engulfed by sectarian violence. Approiximately 120,000 people have fled the country since December. Reports of sexual violence have increased dramatically.

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