International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Amanya Michael Ebye

Amanya Michael Ebye

Regional Director, Democratic Republic of Congo

Based in: DR Congo (Kinshasa)

Languages: English, French, Kinyarwanda, Runyankole, Swahili

Expertise: Children and Youth, Emergency Response, Iraqi Refugees, Region: Africa, Region: Middle East

Amanya Michael Ebye has spent 19 years working in the humanitarian assistance field. He became the IRC's regional director for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in March, 2012 after serving for two years as senior regional adviser. In both roles, he works closely with senior regional program management staff to provide management and operations support to the DRC program.

Mr. Michael Ebye’s career with the IRC began in Rwanda, where he served as a field program manager during the three years following the 1994 genocide. He led the development and implementation of the IRC’s unaccompanied children's program, through which the IRC reunited 400 traumatized and separated children with their guardians. This program later became a model for reunification across Rwanda.

In 1997, Mr. Michael Ebye returned to his native Uganda to work for Action Aid as a peace program coordinator. He started an education program for children displaced by conflict in Northern Uganda and led the establishment of humanitarian assistance programs in the western and eastern parts of the country.

Mr. Michael Ebye returned to the IRC in 2001 as a field coordinator in Tanzania, overseeing programs aiding tens of thousands of Burundian refugees. He became country director in 2003, expanding the IRC’s program from one field site to three. He also worked with the European Union to launch an innovative program to respond to the needs of the host population, an effort that led to decreased tensions between refugees and the local population.

From 2005 to 2007, Mr. Michael Ebye served as director of the IRC’s Darfur programs in Sudan – one of the IRC’s most challenging relief operations. From 2007 to 2010, Mr. Michael Ebye served as the IRC’s Middle East regional director, based in Amman, Jordan, supervising humanitarian aid programs for uprooted Iraqis and other vulnerable populations in the region.

Amanya received his B.A. in social work and social administration and M.A. in social sector planning and management from Makerere University in Uganda.