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Ebola outbreak: Crisis response in West Africa

IRC health manager Emmanuel Boyah gives a training on Ebola prevention
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

The International Rescue Committee has been fighting Ebola in two hard-hit nations: Liberia and Sierra Leone. We're working closely with local governments on the transition to recovery and long-term rehabilitation of health systems, schools and communities.

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  • The IRC is supporting Ebola response efforts across all fronts: treatment; surveillance; aid agency coordination; and community engagement
  • The IRC is protecting medical workers by ensuring public health units are equipped with goggles, masks and other protective equipment, as well as providing training to all health workers in preventing infection
  • The IRC is preventing more people from catching Ebola through ‘alert’ systems to pick up all cases within 24 hours, as well as effective case investigation, contact tracing and community awareness
  • In Liberia, the IRC is focused on some of the worst hit areas of Monrovia, where people are still contracting Ebola. We’re supporting the reopening of Redemption Hospital, the largest public hospital in Montserrado County. We’re training teachers, principals and community leaders in back-to-school safety
  • In Sierra Leone, the IRC and partners launched a community “early warning system” to detect Ebola. We’re also training teachers on how to talk to students about Ebola
  • While schools have been closed during the Ebola crisis, the IRC has ensured that children have been able to continue to learn through informal learning groups, educational radio programs, and access to library books
  • In anticipation of a potential spread of the virus across borders, the IRC is providing infection prevention and control trainings to government and healthcare workers in Mali and Cote d'Ivoire
May 9, 2015 | Blog
On May 9, the IRC celebrates Liberia's 42 days Ebola-free. The IRC has been at the forefront of the fight to stem the spread of the deadly Ebola virus since the first cases were diagnosed in Liberia and Sierra Leone in March 2014. Get Ebola crisis updates and commentary from IRC aid workers and others.

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