International Rescue Committee (IRC)

How the IRC put your donations to work in Haiti in 2011

A group of children in an IRC child-friendly space in Haiti play drums with an IRC staff member

The IRC provides “child-friendly spaces” as a refuge to children in crowded camps where more than 500,000 people made homeless by the earthquake still live. (Photo: Gerald Martone/IRC)

When the devastating earthquake struck Haiti on Jan.12, 2010, the International Rescue Committee sent a team to Haiti that provided clean water, sanitation and health care to survivors, and addressed the special needs of women and girls. Two years later, the IRC continues to work in camps and neighborhoods that lack basic services, assisting Haitians who are struggling to get by as their country slowly recovers and rebuilds.  Read more about the IRC's work in Haiti today.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the IRC has worked with local partners to reach hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti. We pride ourselves on the efficient use of donations, as indicated in the following chart:

SectorDollars Spent*Percent of Total
Children and Youth:  
Education, Protection,  Job Training, 
Family Tracing and Reunification
Primary Health Care, Water and Sanitation2,629,659.15 31.14%
Camp Management, Replacing Personal  Documents and Identification460,890.89 5.46%
Economic Recovery and Employment390,718.274.63%
Women’s Protection and Empowerment1,197,940.53 14.8%
Emergency Response110,029.58 1.30%
Field Operation and Support1,675,220.3619.84%
Total    8,445,123.42 100%
*Dollars spent in Haiti Jan. 1, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2011.  See 2010 spending.