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Jencarlos Canela with a young Cuban refugee
Jencarlos Canela with a young Cuban refugee in Miami (Photo: The IRC)

IRC Voices Jencarlos Canela, Sarah Wayne Callies, Rashida Jones and John Legend are part of a group of prominent young artists who are using their voices to raise awareness about the humanitarian needs of refugees and others uprooted by global crises. 

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  • A global leader in humanitarian assistance, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) works in more than 40 countries offering help and hope to refugees and others impacted by violent conflict and disaster.
  • During crises, IRC teams provide health care, shelter, clean water, sanitation, learning programs for children and special aid for women.
  • As emergencies subside, the IRC stays to revive livelihoods and help shattered communities recover and rebuild.
  • Every year, the IRC also helps resettle thousands of refugees given sanctuary in the United States, in 22 cities across the country. 

In the Spotlight: Jencarlos Canela

Jencarlos Canela and his father in June 2011
Jencarlos Canela and his father in June 2011

Latin singer and actor Jencarlos Canela is encouraging his fans to make a Father’s Day gift this year that can save the lives of refugees and others in dire need around the world.

Canela, whose father was a refugee from Cuba, is using Facebook and Twitter to reach out to hundreds of thousands of supporters and asking them to join him in celebrating Father’s Day by making a donation to the IRC

Canela is a longtime supporter of the IRC and has recently become an IRC Voice.

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