International Rescue Committee (IRC)

A New Beginning for Iraqi Refugees

A small number of vulnerable Iraqi refugees are being granted refuge in the United States. It’s a precious chance at a new beginning for ordinary Iraqis whose lives were turned upside down by terror and chaos, including some in grave danger because they worked for Americans in Iraq.

Across the United States, International Rescue Committee teams are welcoming Iraqi refugees—providing needed humanitarian assistance to help them recover, settle into their new communities and rebuild their lives.

How We Help

For the new arrivals, we provide cultural orientation, housing assistance, job placement, English classes and links to community services. We also help register children in school and offer special programs to help them adjust and integrate.

Because most Iraqi refugees have experienced severe levels of emotional and physical trauma, we ensure they have needed counseling and medical services.

Some newly arrived refugees already have relatives here. The IRC is helping those families reunite. Otherwise, we place Iraqi refugees in communities with existing Iraqi support networks and where jobs, affordable housing and other special services are available.

The International Rescue Committee and its network of volunteers are aiding up to 15% of the Iraqi refugees arriving in the United States. We are or will be resettling them in: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boise, Boston, Charlottesville, Va., Dallas, Linden, N.J., Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, SeaTac, Wash., Seattle, Silver Spring, Md., and Tucson.