International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Hurricane Sandy: Update on the IRC's response in Haiti

October 31, 2012 -  As the massive relief and recovery effort forges ahead in the United States in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the International Rescue Committee is focusing its emergency efforts in Haiti, which was hammered by Sandy last week, and where hundreds of thousands of people still living in tent camps are in need of help.

Here is the situation on the ground:
  • Three days of fierce rain and wind flooded and damaged about 100 camps where some 325,000 people still homeless from the 2010 earthquake continue to live. Tents and other makeshift shelters were inundated by water, poorly maintained latrines overflowed, and garbage and waste were strewn everywhere.
  • IRC teams surveyed damage in and around Port-au-Prince and within 24 hours began distributing emergency supplies to affected families.  So far the IRC has provided emergency kits with shelter materials and hygiene items to 4,200 victims of the storm and distributions continue.
  • The IRC and other aid groups are also seeing an uptick in suspected cholera cases since the storm hit and have collectively referred 50 individuals with cholera symptoms to medical clinics.  IRC health teams are out in full force spreading messages about cholera prevention and proper hygiene and sanitation. We are also repairing damaged latrines and distributing cleaning supplies to disinfect sanitation facilities and tents.
Details about our response and ways to donate can be found at  
How to help victims of Sandy in the U.S. (from Huffington Post Impact)