International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Pakistan's rural women

An elderly woman sits in her courtyard in rural Pakistan
A rural Pakistani woman fries an egg.
A young girl peeks from behind shawls drying in the sun.
A 22-year-old Pakistani woman sews clothing to help her family
A woman milks a goat in rural Pakistan
<p>She serves the goats&#39; milk to her children, to ensure they are nourished as well. While she acknowledges the importance of her husband, who&#39;s in the fields planting sugar cane, they both acknowledge that everyone in the family plays a crucial role.</p>
A villager making sugar in rural Pakistan.
A Pakistani villager plows
Girls carrying loads of fodder
Photo: Ned Colt/IRC

In rural Pakistan, women play an important role in every aspect of family, culture, work and life. The IRC's Ned Colt met several generations of women from one family in a village where we've been helping residents recover from the devastating floods which inundated close to a fifth of the country in 2010.