International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Bound for America

A young refugee woman stands in front of an American flag
The IRC supports Burmese refugees on Thai border with services, resettlement
The IRC and UNHCR support other refugees who move to cities like Kuala Lumpur
IRC, UNHCR help refugees register and apply to resettle; most won't be able to
Resettlement Support Centers help refugees prepare paperwork and for their move
The IRC gives practical advice to refugees heading to the United States
The IRC tells refugees what to pack, how they will arrive in the United States
A Burmese family waited for two years to resettle, they will move to Indiana
The IRC helps the family receive medical care before they leave for the U.S.
The refugees wait at UNHCR in Kuala Lumpur for a bus to the airport
The Burmese refugee family sleeps during the long trip to the United States
They board a plane to the United States; the IRC will greet the refugees
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

Every year, the United States resettles tens of thousands of the world’s most vulnerable refugees. The preparations for resettlement are made by a Resettlement Support Center in the refugee’s country of asylum. In Bangkok, Thailand, the International Rescue Committee runs the Resettlement Support Center for East Asia, assisting refugees living in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries in the region. (Published October 2011)