International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Pakistan Floods

A woman and child pump water in Pakistan's Sindh province
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

More than a year later, the humanitarian crisis brought about by the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history is far from over.  The International Rescue Committee is continuing to provide clean water and health care, and helping hard hit communities to rebuild vital infrastructure and kick-start their local economies.

The Latest

How We Help

  • In the wake of the 2010 floods, the IRC's aid directly supported close to a million Pakistanis
  • We rebuilt flood-damaged homes and schools, reconstructed roads and paths, and repaired and installed wells and latrines
  • We hired villagers to help rebuild infrastructure, providing families with an income and sparking local economies
  • We provided health care to 100,000 people by supporting two rural health centers and two mobile medical clinics
  • We helped more than 100,000 uprooted people to replace important legal documents lost to the floods or conflict
  • We broadcast radio programs that informed families about available assistance and conditions in their home villages


A boy scatters feed to chickens outside his family's tent in northwesternPakistan
Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

The IRC is continuing to help families and communities in Pakistan recover and rebuild. These efforts include:

  • Distributing seeds, fodder and 8,000 goats to farmers who were affected by flooding
  • Providing 120 farm families with hermetically sealed storage containers to protect grain from water damage and insects
  • Working with veterinarians and agricultural experts to teach small farmholders how to better protect livestock and crops