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Ten Refugees, One Journey: George Sarlo

George Sarlo (Photo: Jim Gaffey)

A venture capitalist and philanthropist, George Sarlo was born in Hungary in 1938 and lost his father in WWII.

In 1956, he and college classmates in Budapest started an anti-government protest that grew into a full-scale rebellion, only to be crushed by the Soviet Army. He and his sister made their way to Austria and were accepted for resettlement as refugees in America.

After college he earned an MBA from Harvard, worked on Wall Street, and in 1974 co-founded the venture capital firm Walden, focusing on computer technology.

His Sarlo Foundation supports human rights, education and health issues and the annual Sarlo Foundation Distinguished Humanitarian Service Awards, which go to five outstanding members of the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) International and U.S. field staff. (November 2010)

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