International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Frequently Asked Questions


The following are frequently asked questions for volunteer opportunities at the IRC in Atlanta. If you are interested in applying, learn more about how to apply and our available volunteer positions. If you have additional questions about volunteering at the IRC in Atlanta, please email


1. How do I get a volunteer application?

The application is online, and you can get the link by emailing the Volunteer Coordinator at


2. Do all of your volunteer positions require a weekly commitment?

At this time, all of our volunteer positions require a 2-20 hour weekly commitment for a minimum of 3 months. Volunteers fulfill key positions in each of our departments, so, therefore, weekly volunteer involvement is essential to the office.


3. I am unable to make the three-month time commitment. Can I still volunteer?

At this time, all of our volunteer positions require a minimum commitment of three (3) months to maximize your impact. Occasionally, we are able to make an exception. Please speak with the Volunteer Coordinator if you have a special circumstance.


4. Are there any one-time volunteer opportunities?

The best way to learn about upcoming one-time volunteer opportunities is to check out our website. There are also opportunities to involve your businesses or civic group in a one-time project or donation drive. Please visit the Team Volunteering webpage and contact the Volunteer Coordinator.


5. I’m interested in more than one position. Is it possible to do two?

Although we recommend that you start with just one position, once you become comfortable with that position, you can pick up another role. We have a number of volunteers who are active in multiple departments. This is a great way to learn the full spectrum of services that the IRC provides. It is also possible to transition from one position to another once you have fulfilled the minimum three-month commitment.


6. Is it possible to volunteer with the IRC in another office or internationally?

The IRC has 25 US Program Offices with several opportunities to volunteer. Visit the main volunteering page to learn more and contact the local Volunteer Coordinator.

The IRC does offer opportunities to volunteer internationally, but the application process is different from our US Programs Offices. Please visit IRC Careers and search “Volunteer” for more information.


7. Are there any youth volunteer opportunities with the IRC in Atlanta?

The IRC allows youth to volunteer; however, they must be supervised by a parent, guardian, or teacher. If you have youth who are interested, you must contact the Volunteer Coordinator in advance to make arrangements.


8. I have volunteered with the IRC in the past. Do I need to reapply?

Many volunteers continue with the IRC when they move to a different part of the country. Please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator so we can get to know you. If you have volunteered recently, within the past six months, you may not need to reapply. If you haven’t volunteered with the IRC within the past six months, you will need to undergo another background check for the safety of our clients.  Thank you for your continued support of the IRC!


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