International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Welcome to the IRC in Atlanta

A truly international city, Atlanta is not only home to visitors, students, business people and corporations from abroad, but tens of thousands of refugees, and former refugees, who are thriving in this dynamic city after escaping the atrocities of war and persecution.

Since 1979, when the Atlanta office was established, IRC has resettled more than 21,000 refugees from over 50 countries to the greater Atlanta area.  The IRC in Atlanta is their first point of contact in an unfamiliar environment where, by force of circumstance, these courageous survivors will now rebuild their lives.

Seeing newcomers through the tumultuous process of settling into a new world and then, through their own hard work, arriving at success, is at the very core of the IRC in Atlanta’s mission. The array of services offered by the IRC to help refugees of all ages and ethnicities succeed includes English language classes for adults, job readiness and placement services, healthcare access, financial education, and a youth academic success programming.  We also help people realize their dreams of becoming U.S. citizens through our Board of Immigration Appeal accredited immigration services.

The best way to understand how the IRC in Atlanta changes the lives of remarkable people for the better is to see it with your own eyes. Please consider visiting our office, meeting a refugee family, or becoming involved any of our many volunteer opportunities. We are sure that courage and resilience of the refugees we serve will inspire you.

To learn more about how you can get involved with the IRC in Atlanta, contact us at  

Thank you,

J.D. McCrary
Executive Director