International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Refugee Seniors Take a Stroll Along the Boise River:

Living in Idaho and outdoor activities go hand in hand. Even for those living in Idaho's urban capital city of Boise it is not unusual to hear comments like: "to live in Boise one has to enjoy the outdoors. ” Recently the IRC took the comments to heart and signed up 15 senior refugees to participate in a walk along the Boise river, an event organized by the Central District Health as part of their campaign to keep senior citizens living in the Treasure Valley healthy through outdoor activities.

Invited to join in the event were various health providers who set up free information tables to educate participants on how to stay strong and healthy. Most of the seniors attending also took advantage of the free health services offered which included blood pressure and hearing exams, a workshop on proper nutrition, and a fall and fit test and a workshop on how to prevent falls. Participants also learned about other free services they could access such as fitness classes and how to monitor emergency tool kits.

The culmination of the event was a 20 minute stroll along the scenic Boise River. All 15 refugee seniors finished the walk and afterwards were encouraged to take advantage of the 30 mile greenbelt running along the river which is well maintained and police patrolled from dawn to dusk.