International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Refugees Complete Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program

As the 2011 fiscal year nears its end, IRC Boise is about to reach an exciting milestone.  The office is just shy of 500 employment placements in the last two years!  With employment opportunities in the country being dismal, this is an accomplishment worth celebrating.  The jobs are mainly in healthcare, retail, food service, manufacturing, janitorial work and farming.  For refugees, attaining that first job is often very difficult.  For those refugees who are lucky enough to find employment soon after arrival, it is a joyous and proud moment which leads to faster self sufficiency. The jobs secured by IRC Boise also offer valuable learning opportunities during the adjustment from life in refugee camps into the American workforce.  

In addition to helping refugees find their first job, IRC assists refugees with accessing career training.  Recently, IRC Boise, in collaboration with the Idaho Office for Refugees, helped five IRC Boise refugees from Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Congo, Somalia and Iraq attend a Certified Nursing Assistant program at the College of Western Idaho. The training, which provided instruction and applied skill sessions, helped prepare our clients for the mandatory Certified Nursing Assistant State License exam.  Thanks to IRC Boise’s work to get our clients into this program, our clients now have a chance to advance to more sustainable employment. 


If you have a business or know of someone who has a business that could hire a refugee email us at