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Take with you when you apply for Cash Aid, CalFresh (Food Stamps), and/or MediCal
Your Eligibility Worker will tell you exactly what documents you need to provide during your intake session. The documents will be used to figure out how much money you will recieve. The amount of assistance you recieve will vary depending on your family's assets.

The following list contains examples of documents that you may need to show your Eligibility Worker. Take as many of these as you have. Take original documents.
Proof of Identity
  • Photo ID
    • ID Card or Driver's License
    • Valid Passport
    • EAD (Employment Authorization Document)
  • Proof of age and family relations in your household
    • Birth and Marrige Certificates
Social Security Number
  • Social Security Card
  • Receipt or letter from Social Security Administration, showing that you applied for a Social Security Card
Proof of Immigration Status
  • I-94
  • Court Order
Proof of Property
  • Bank Statements (most recent statements for checking and savings)
  • Vehicle Registration Papers
Proof of Income
  • Pay stubs (most recent, especially all from current and last month)
  • Tax Return (copy of last year's tax return)
Proof of Residency and Housing Costs
  • Rent agreement or lease
  • Rent receipt 
  • Letter from person to whom you pay rent verifying your address and housing cost
  • Utility bill