International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Volunteer Coordination Internship

This year, the IRC in Oakland will be resettling international refugees from Eritrea, Bhutan, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia. In order to provide our full range of acculturation services, the IRC annually utilizes over 100 volunteers who help refugees apply for jobs, learn how to use public tranportion, access health services, and much more. This position will help support the Volunteer Coordinator in their efforts to recruit, train, and support volunteers at the Oakland IRC office. This internship allows for great learning and responsibility on part of the candidate, and is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to gain hands-on experience to work in the nonprofit sector.


  • 10 - 15 hours per week; to be completed during regular business hours, M-F 9 am – 4 pm
  • Ideal start date late May/early June
  • Preference for candidates that can offer a 6 – 12 month commitment; The final candidate will become an integral part of our team and be trained/mentored on several skills building responsibilities.
  • IRC is committed to working with student schedules. As such, we are flexible to accommodate time off for midterms and school holidays, and altering time availability with changing class schedules.


25% of the position will include:

  • Event Planning: plan a unique volunteer appreciation event in June 2013


25% of the position wil include:

  • External Communication: conduct monthly volunteer orientations; write and distribute the Volunteer & Intern e-newsletter
  • Internal Communication: update volunteer and internship opportunities on the website; manage correspondence with interested volunteers


50% of the position will include:

  • Program Managment: running the Volunteer Mentor Program, which includes training interested mentors, working with refugee clients to find good mentor matches, and facilitating introductions
  • Logistical Support:register new volunteers with the IRC; send out background checks; enter and maintain volunteer contact list; update volunteer picture/info board



  • Gain first hand experience on how to run and manage a broad volunteer support program, an in-demand and growing field in the nonprofit sector. This is a professional experience as IRC interns are seen and utilized as an extension of IRC staff. Interns  leave their internship with transferable skills that can help launch a career within the nonprofit sector.



We require that candidates have the following qualities:

  • Solidly reliable with strong attention to timeliness
  •  Excellent communication skills (both interpersonal and with supervisors)
  •  Possess a great attention to detail and be truly organized
  • Have a strong sense of personal initiative and be able to work independently in a fast-paced office.
  • An interest in international and refugee issues
  • Computer literacy with PC systems
  • Minimum of 2 years of completed undergraduate experience


This position reports to the Volunteer Coordinator



Apply by sending your resume and a cover letter as a single Word document to Rachel Taber at Title email “Volunteer Coordinator Intern Application”.

Cover letters should clearly state your time availability, which includes

1) a specific,  projected start and end date,

2) the number of hours you are available each week, and

3) the days and times in which you are available.