International Rescue Committee (IRC)

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International Rescue Committee (IRC) Overview
The IRC provides opportunities for refugees to thrive in America. Each year, thousands of refugees are invited to resettle in communities across the county by the U.S. government to seek safety and freedom. Forced to flee conflict or persecution, many refugees have survived for years against incredible odds. They step off the plane in the U.S. with next to nothing but their dignity, hope and determination.

The IRC currently operates several highly effective programs designed to meet a wide variety of refugee and asylee newcomers' needs. We provide our clients with early resettlement help, English language classes, work readiness & job placement assistance, financial literacy training, health & medical support, community garden access, and immigration services. All programs are designed to help refugees become self-sufficient and productive members of their new Oakland community.

The IRC in Northern California currently resettles over 1600 refugees and asylees each year from Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The refugee clients that the IRC  serves are low income – they arrive with little knowledge of the U.S. culture (work, financial services, language, etc.) and they must re-start their lives with the assistance of the IRC.  The need is great for this population to help them acculturate to the many different facets of life in the U.S.  

Internship Overview
Annually the IRC across Northern California hosts highly experiential internships that demand intuitive, motivated, and professional candidates. Our offices have fast-paced environments that are successful due to both the personal initiative of individual staff members and the team-like mentality of the entire organization. The ideal intern candidate will be able to complete their daily responsibilities and problem solve with minimal supervision, and provide support as needed to the overall team. Interns work alongside staff to provide direct services and all leave their internship with transferable skills that can help launch a career within the nonprofit sector.


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