International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Early Employment Program Receives Corporate Support

The IRC in Phoenix would like to thank Bank of America and the American Express Charitable Fund for their support of the Early Employment Program.

Bank of America Funds Early Employment Trainings

For over two years, Bank of America has been an important partner to the IRC in Phoenix by helping newly arrived refugees understand personal finance and better prepare for employment in America. Since March 2011, Bank of America employees contributed 145 hours helping over 150 refugees on their path towards self sufficiency by volunteering in IRC’s job readiness trainings.

This critical partnership has grown even stronger with a $10,000 grant from Bank of America to support IRC's Early Employment Program (EEP). The EEP provides pre-employment, vocational and skills building trainings to assist refugees in becoming employed more quickly, obtain better jobs and gain potential job upgrades. This funding will allow the IRC to expand EEP and volunteer engagement opportunities through a job specific training series. This funding will also expand the capacity of the EEP to connect refugees to livable wage jobs, which is critical to refugees’ success and will improve refugees’ integration as well as the local economy.

The IRC in Phoenix is excited to see this partnership grow even further, and is grateful for the support of Bank of America.

To find out how your corporation can help refugees succeed, please contact Nicky Walker, Development Manager at  or 602.433.2440 x 213.

American Express Support Works Grant

The IRC in Phoenix would like to thank the American Express Charitable Fund for providing $25,000 of funding for the project ‘From Surviving to Thriving: Support Works’. With these critical funds, the IRC will connect newly arrived refugees with volunteers in their new community to assist them in developing the skills and accessing the tools essential for obtaining and retaining employment. Support Works will focus on volunteer engagement through two in-kind donation drive events and ongoing service opportunities in the IRC's Early Employment Program (EEP).

With the help of American Express volunteers, the IRC will conduct a donations drive for toiletry kits and a donations drive for bicycles. At the end of the drive, volunteers will assist the IRC in conducting a bicycle training event to teach refugees about commuting safely to work. American Express employees and community members may also contribute their time to teach classes and tutor or mentor newly arrived refugees enrolled in the IRC’s EEP.

In years past, American Express has provided support for the IRC’s financial education program, a multicultural leaders development program, and was a founding sponsor for the Give Thanks Dinner in 2008. The IRC in Phoenix is grateful for the continued generosity and partnership of American Express.

Would you like to be involved in the project From Surviving to Thriving: Support Works? To donate a bicycle, toiletry kit, or other essential item, contact Jackie Nolot at, or learn how you can become a volunteer or intern.

Article by Emily Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator & Nicky Walker, Development Manager

Picture by Yolonda Riley, IDA Coordinator