International Rescue Committee (IRC)

DIY Donation Event Checklist

Here is a step-by-step checklist to help you organize your event.

  • Identify specific type of event
  • Identify target audience and attendance goal
  • Identify target revenue goal
  • Set event date and time
  • Select a venue
  • Develop a timeline
  • Build a detailed budget, including all projected revenues and expenses, to meet target revenue goal
  • Form a planning committee. Give each member of the committee a specific responsibility such as invitations/flyers, food/drinks, set up/clean up, publicity, speakers, etc.
  • Prepare flyers, invitations, internet ads, and other printed materials that are needed to promote event
  • Send out invites and publicize your event through local media and websites
  • Record pledges and donations
  • Organize volunteers
  • Hold a meeting a week before the event. Distribute a final event sequence to each committee member and discuss assignments
  • Do evaluation after event
  • Send thank you notes to everyone who assisted/donated
  • Send in donations, and share your experience with us