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Welcome to the flagship of IRC’s New Roots Program!

Since 2007, the IRC in San Diego has created several of the key projects being replicated across the IRC network. (Want to learn more about food and farming projects in San Diego?  Click here.)

Creating affordable healthy choices for all, developing farming livelihoods and building local food economies is an all-hands-on-deck journey. And frankly, we are all in the same boat when it comes to public health and the economy!

Please join the IRC in San Diego's Food Security and Community Health Program in the exciting but challenging work to create and sustain innovative community-centered food, farming and health projects. 

There are many ways to be involved -- be it with your heart, hand, mind or pocketbook!    How would you like to help?








What is your day job?

The innovative nature of our projects often require a range of professional expertise to help pave the road forward.

Real estate law, environmental planning, selling fish to local restaurants…this is a small sliver of the different questions that come up in the course of an average week here in the office.

Consider joining our roster of IRC Food and Health Technical Advisors!

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Let’s leverage what we’ve got. You are our best ally and advocate.

Would you like to be on our emailing list for spreading the word on new projects, occasional calls for action, and general fan of the department? 

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Stay connected to all the latest events and developments in the Food Security and Community Health Program through seasonal e-newsletters and event notices. We will group announcements to send only one email per month.

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Sometimes a “discretionary dollar” is worth five times a “grant dollar”! Support FSCH’s ability to be more nimble and responsive to opportunities as they arise.

Fundraising Goal by October 1, 2012: $1,000

Currently Raised: $0

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We want to replicate our successes in creating the City Heights food system for the community of El Cajon. Over 10,000 Iraqi refugees have been resettled there in the last 10 years. 

The IRC will soon open a new community garden for El Cajon refugees and community members, in partnership with Kaiser Permanente. IRC is also planning on starting an EBT-accessible farmers’ market in Downtown El Cajon in the next few months. Both these projects will be the primary building blocks of a robust community economic development strategy for assisting refugee entrepreneurship in food, farming and community health. Growers from the garden will be able to vend at the market. The market will also be a small business incubator for chefs and food entrepreneurs from Iraq. Additionally, IRC is eager to work hand-in-hand with the El Cajon residential and business communities to ensure that the farmers’ market is holistic and inclusive, serving the whole community and bringing El Cajon together.

Current fundraising needs are for: new market permit fees, market promotion, market grand opening festivities and prizes, garden toolshed, community garden outdoor classroom

Fundraising Goal by October 1: $5,000
Currently Raised: $0

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Currently Raised: $0

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Help us “raise the roof” on our new 20-acre new farmer training site and incubator farm in the Pauma Valley.

Fundraising Goal by September 1:
Cash or In-kind Donation of work day food and beverages, painting materials, gravel, fruit trees, tables and chairs, transportation of participants

Currently Raised: $0

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We’ve recently seen the impact of interpretation headsets in the ease and flow of multicultural meetings. We’re currently borrowing a set from our friends at Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) for our community garden leadership trainings (conducted in three languages simultaneously!) and we’re hooked. Our clients can all be engaged in the meeting with an equal footing.

Now, we are dreaming about the impact of having our own headsets for use in all our projects!

Fundraising Goal by October 1: $5,000 for one set (post link)

Currently Raised: $0

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