International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Employment and Career Development Services

Are you a foreign trained medical doctor or engineer?

The IRC Career Development offers one on one recertification assistance to help guide you through the process. Contact

Are you interested in starting a new career in the medical field?

The IRC SWITCH program can help pay up to $7,000 for you to get training in a licensed healthcare training school.
Attend the next orientation on Wednesday,  September 5th at 1pm at  the IRC office in El Cajon.

Would you like to learn about the San Diego public transportation system?

The IRC transportation program offers a public transit training class to show you how to use San Diego public transit.

Attend a class: August 16th at 10am at the IRC office in San Diego or August 8th at 10am at the IRC office in El Cajon.Contact

Are you between the ages of 17-21, live in central San Diego, and looking for employment and educational opportunities?

The IRC Connect2Work program can provide up to $200 in cash for you to participate in work readiness activities and place you in 40 hours of paid work experience. 

Attend the next orientation to find out more:  Monday,  August 20th at 10am at the IRC office in San Diego.


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