International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Holiday Gift Drive

The holidays are coming soon!  The IRC in San Diego has many families who will be spending their first holiday season in the United States. Most of these families are living on a limited income and will not be able to provide gifts for their children.  The IRC would like your help to provide a new toy to all refugee children who arrived in San Diego over the past year.     

Please note:

- We would like to give all the children gifts of similar value.  To that end, we’ve made a list of suggested items for each age group.  (Click here to see the suggested gift list).   Please purchase these gifts or something similar.  

- Deliver the gifts unwrapped.   

- Please bring the gifts to the IRC office by Wednesday December 17

- You can bring them to the IRC Office Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm or have them shipped here.  Our address is:
       IRC: Holiday Gift Drive
       5348 University Ave, Suite 205
       San Diego, CA 92105

- Here are some practical gift ideas for the parents - click here to see list.

- All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Please contact or 619 641 7510 x332 to sign up or ask questions. It is helpful to know what gift(s) you are bringing (age/gender) so we can be sure to have age appropriate gifts for all the children.  

Gift Ideas

Ages 0 to 3
• Wooden puzzles
• Stacking rings
• Any appropriate 0-3 gift under $15

Ages 4 to 6
• Hot wheels, toy cars
• Action figures, dinosaurs
• Dolls
• Simple board games (Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, etc)

Ages 7 to 10
• Board games (checkers, dominoes, matching games, Guess Who)
• Lego’s
• Dolls
• Toy cars

Ages 11 – 14
• Soccer balls, sports equipment
• Gender specific arts/crafts kits
• Youth jewelry, purse/bag

Ages 15 to 18
• Soccer balls, sports equipment
• $15 gift card to Barnes and Noble,  Target, or Wal-Mart
• Movie Tickets (two for $15 at Costco)
• Nail polish, lotions,  youth jewelry, make up sets, purses



For Parents 

Winter blanket or comforter

Toiletry items (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, detergent)

Questions:   Please contact or 619 641 7510 x332

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