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IRC gardening tools stolen. Do you have replacements?

ShedRecently, the shed at the IRC New Roots Community Farm was broken into and our tools were stolen. These tools were used by the IRC farmers to tend their plots and by community volunteers who help maintain the farm.   Many of our farmers live in apartments and are not able to store tools at home so the IRC tool library has been instrumental in the success of the farm.

Tools are expensive!  So we thought we'd check to see if any of our supporters have gently used tools that they no longer use. If you have such tools,  we can put them to good use.  

We would also welcome gift cards to local hardware stores.

We are in need of the following in order of priority:

  • 3 wheel barrows
  • 5 shovels
  • 5 large pitchforks
  • 5 small pitchforks
  • 3 hard rakes
  • 5 sharp shooter shovels
  • 5 mattocks
  • 10 weeding tools
  • 3 weeding hoes
  • 30 pairs of gloves
  • 5 pairs of loppers
  • 10 pairs of pruners

If you are interested in donating any of the items listed above, please contact
Farming Resource Specialist
T +1 619-641-7510 ext. 302

Photo: The mural on the side of the shed at the IRC New Roots Community Farm.  Erin Oveis Brant/The IRC

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