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IRC Peacemakers Recognized

On Saturday, October 22nd, the IRC Peacemakers program was honored by the United Nations Association of San Diego (UNA-SD) with their Special Recognition Award.  The award was presented as part of the UNA-SD’s annual United Nations Day Celebration to an audience of over 100 UN supporters.

The IRC Peacemakers is one of the youth programs offered by the IRC in San Diego.  The IRC Peacemakers was founded in response to refugee students’ desire to raise awareness about the situation of refugees around the world.  The goals of the IRC Peacemakers are to provide refugee and immigrant youth with leadership development, community service, and public speaking opportunities and to raise awareness of issues facing refugees in San Diego and around the world. 

The IRC Peacemakers is currently made up of 20 young people representing 8 countries, 13 ethnic groups, and over 15 languages.  The IRC Peacemakers have spoken at many high schools, universities, and community groups including SDSU, USD, UCSD, Warwick’s bookstore, UNA-SD’s “Refugee Roundtable”, PCI’s Walk for Water, and World Refugee Day at MOPA.  In total, the IRC Peacemakers have made over 50 presentations to over 10,000 people since the group was founded in 2009.

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Photo: Madina Maho, April Moo, Cesar Zapata, Eh Eh Wha, and Tabu Okello received the award on behalf of the group.  They were chosen to represent the Peacemakers based on their leadership in the group over the past 2 years.

Amberley Middleton/The IRC

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