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The IRC in Ivory Coast

IRC staff spreads the message of community and protection in Ivory Coast
Photo: Ann Jones/IRC

Political tensions in Ivory Coast once again erupted into war in late 2010, displacing over a million people within the country and across the border into Liberia. The IRC has expanded its efforts to meet Ivorians’ urgent needs like clean water, medical care and shelter, and will continue to support them with ongoing services as they recover from the violence and move toward peace.

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Ebola response in Cote d'Ivoire

  • The IRC is supporting Ebola surveillance, prevention and community awareness in six districts in Cote d'Ivoire bordering Liberia and Guinea. We preemptively constructed an Ebola treatment center in Man. Learn more »

The IRC's Ongoing Work

  • The IRC provides access to basic health care, clean water and education in the country.
  • The IRC works to revitalize local economies by supporting community agricultural businesses and creating jobs for youths.
  • We teach job skills to foster long-term economic stability.
  • The IRC works to make childbirth safer and lower the child mortality rate.
  • The IRC empowers women to make personal and economic decisions, increasing financial independence and reducing sexual violence.
  • We support local efforts to monitor and report corruption and human rights abuses.
October 15, 2015 | Blog
With the help of the IRC, a village in Ivory Coast has not seen a single case of cholera for more than a year after coming together to promote healthy practices that can prevent the spread of disease.