Client Feedback and Response Mechanism 

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), San Diego, is committed to placing the people we serve – our clients – at the center of our response. We aim to be responsive to our client’s priorities, preferences, and feedback and to safeguard them against all forms of exploitation and abuse, whether by our staff or partners. With this in mind, IRC San Diego aims to strengthen the Client Feedback and Response Mechanism by establishing a centralized Client Feedback and Response Mechanism (CFRM) across all IRC San Diego programs. 

Types of reactive feedback channels: 

In addition to the existing proactive client feedback channels, some reactive feedback channels revived and made available to the clients are (1) Help Desk, (2) Suggestion Box, (3) Client Feedback Kiosk, (4) Mail a letter, and (5) Email.  A client can complete a client feedback survey form that has been created and translated into 12 IRC dominant languages ( e.g. Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi, Haitian Creole, Pashtu, Spanish, Swahili, Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese).  

All received feedback will be confidentially filed and registered in the Feedback Registry database. In coordination with the Deputy Director of Programs, the MEAL Manager will review the client feedback data received through different channels weekly to ensure that all referrals and actions have been implemented to close the client feedback loop.  


Monitoring, Evaluations, Accountability, and Learning 

To measure progress towards achievement of the overall responsiveness objective, the IRC San Diego would use the following proposed Client Feedback and Client responsiveness indicators: 


The IRC, San Diego, will continuously seek to improve and learn from the Client Feedback and Response Mechanism. The IRC San Diego shall keep records of all formal client feedback for at least five years.  A synthesis report or dashboard on the types of feedback received and the status of the responses shall be reported quarterly to the senior management team. The IRC will summarize the learnings from client feedback analysis and report through the quarterly SAP implementation plan updates. 

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Contact information: [email protected] 

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