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This August recess, make a pledge and #StandWithRefugees

The IRC in Denver invites you to join us and pledge to take action

This month, when Colorado's members of Congress return home for August recess, we want them to hear from you. They must know that Coloradans continue to stand with refugees and vulnerable immigrant populations around the world.

We are asking members of Congress to do the following:

  • Support efforts to create a pathway to protect refugees from Hong Kong and renew our commitment to resettling the world’s most vulnerable individuals.
  • Encourage the administration to set the FY21 Presidential Determination on refugee admissions at 95,000 and return to a system of needs-based admissions.
  • Appropriate adequate funds to support vulnerable communities throughout the COVID-19 crisis.   

How it works

  • Make your pledge here.
  • You'll receive a follow-up email with detailed information about our asks for Congress and how to contact your representatives. 
  • You'll also receive sample language that you can customize to place a phone call, send an email, or write a letter to your members of Congress. We'll also share social media graphics and content that you can use to encourage others to join you to take action.

Why your action matters

Over the past three years, we've seen the U.S. welcome fewer and fewer refugees. We've seen the administration continue to step back from America's long-standing commitment to providing safety to individuals who are fleeing violence, war and persecution. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, refugee and immigrant populations have been disproportionately impacted both in terms of health and economic stability. Throughout this difficult time, we continue to be inspired by our newest American neighbors and the many ways they contribute to Colorado's economic stability and to keeping our communities safe and healthy. Refugees and immigrants are essential workers, healthcare providers, food-producers, volunteers, mask-makers, and so much more.

Our members of Congress must hear from Coloradans. They need to know that refugee resettlement and protections for vulnerable immigrant populations is a priority for our community. They need to know that we are committed to America's legacy of welcome.

Thank you for pledging your support and choosing to #StandWithRefugees