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Car donation in NJ empowers client

As the weather cools and leaves change in New Jersey, residents are unearthing their sweaters and turning on car heaters. With this in mind, Scott Nicholas, an IRC supporter, made an unusual, thoughtful, and life-changing gift to an IRC client this fall. Scott donated a car to Tariq, a client from Pakistan, to help Tariq and his roommates with their commutes in Elizabeth.

Scott transfers the car keys over to Tariq in New Jersey. Photo: Robert Santiago.

Tariq was originally resettled in Arizona, but moved to New Jersey over the summer to reconnect with friends from Pakistan. Tariq enrolled in the IRC’s employment services and eventually earned a job at an Elizabeth-based wholesale distributor of fresh and frozen seafood and specialty grocery items in August. Scott’s gift was instrumental in empowering Tariq and his roommates to commute to and from their overnight work shifts.

Tariq has progressed quite quickly since moving to New Jersey, and is a “delight to work with,” says caseworker Andrea Leon of the IRC. Tariq has embraced all opportunities the IRC has been able to connect him to, and his positive determination to build a new home in New Jersey is already reaping rewards. Not only has the car helped Tariq secure a new higher paying job in October at Wakefern Food Corp in Elizabeth, but it “makes New Jersey home,” says Andrea, as Tariq has felt welcomed and supported in his short time working with the IRC.

Tariq checks out his new car. Photo: Robert Santiago/IRC.

Scott reflected, “I am glad to know that the car went to a person who had a genuine need for transportation, and appreciate how the independence besides the convenience of driving (at night, in cold or inclement weather, etc.) can produce a better quality of life experience – and I am pleased to have made that contribution with your help.” In a state like New Jersey, a car is invaluable as a tool to connect to the community and network of opportunities linked by the many highways and roads crisscrossing the state. Scott’s generosity has empowered Tariq to chart a new path as New Jersey becomes home. The IRC thanks Scott for his thoughtfulness, and is proud of Tariq for his determination and openness to all New Jersey has to offer.

To learn about ways to support refugees, asylees, and humanitarian entrants in New Jersey, click here. And to support the work of Andrea and the caseworkers in the IRC’s Elizabeth office, click here.