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Charlottesville Food Justice Network Petition

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As a founding member of the Charlottesville Food Justice Network, the IRC in Charlottesville’s New Roots program believes strongly in creating a food secure city for all of Charlottesville’s residents.

Currently, however, the City of Charlottesville’s 5-year Comprehensive Plan does not include strategies for expanding food access and ending hunger, although it is a prevalent problem in the city. According to the Charlottesville Food Justice Network, “between 2001-2016, the number of households receiving SNAP benefits in Charlottesville increased by 160%. In our city, 17%, or 1 in 6 residents, experience hunger in their lives.”

On October 15th, two members of the Charlottesville Food Justice Network—Rebecca Schmidt of the Thomas Jefferson Health District and Jeanette Abi-Nader of City Schoolyard Garden—will be presenting a food equity proposal to City Council in order to advance food access for all citizens.

Prior to the City Council meeting, the New Roots team asks for your support by signing the petition to show that you believe eradicating hunger and cultivating a food secure Charlottesville is possible.

Charlottesville Food Justice Network member organizations.

Photo: Charlottesville Food Justice Network