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COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Relief is Available in Phoenix!

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The International Rescue Committee in Arizona can help refugees and asylees with applying for assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: IRC

The City of Phoenix, in partnership with Wildfire AZ and several other community agencies, including the International Rescue Committee, recently launched a rent and utility assistance program for refugees and asylees. Refugees and asylees who are residents of the City of Phoenix will be eligible to apply and receive assistance for rent, mortgage, water bills, and electricity bills.

What Assistance Can Pay For

Utility bills (electric, gas, and City of Phoenix water bill), rent, or mortgage, for City of Phoenix households financially impacted by COVID-19. Eligible households may receive one-time assistance with utility, rent or mortgage obligations for charges incurred March 1, 2020 through December 30, 2020.

Grant Amount

  • Utility bills (electric $300 and gas $300);
  • City of Phoenix Water bills $300;
  • Rent or Mortgage payments $3,300

Households in subsidized housing must have a rental obligation to qualify for rental assistance. The full payment amount listed above will be made on behalf of each eligible household assisted as applicable.

Eligibility Criteria

Households must be City of Phoenix residents and financially impacted by the COVID19 national pandemic. Primary applicant must have refugee or asylee qualified status. A household may be assisted with a one-time assistance with utility, rent or mortgage obligations through December 30, 2020. Only charges incurred after March 1, 2020 are eligible for payment.

How To Apply

Contact the International Rescue Committee to start your application!

Phone: 520-329-7582

Email: Toni.Richardson [at] Rescue.org (subject: COVID19%20Relief)

More information is available on the Wildfire AZ website.