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Creminelli Fine Meats partners with Spice Kitchen Incubator

This past summer, Spice Kitchen Incubator, a program of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Salt Lake City, began a fruitful partnership with Creminelli Fine Meats, a local artisan charcuterie business elevating the way we think about meats and cheeses. From facilitating an entrepreneur site visit at Creminelli’s facilities to engaging in workshops tailored to the needs of refugee and new American entrepreneurs, Creminelli Fine Meats has worked to ensure refugees are not only welcome but also successful in our community. Spice Kitchen's marketing & logistics coordinator, Jackie Rodabaugh, noted this opportunity “improved new American and English language learners’ confidence in talking about themselves and their business, leading towards greater marketing and income for these new entrepreneurs.” 

A program of the International Rescue Committee, Spice Kitchen Incubator entrepreneurs and staff attended engaging and instructional workshops hosted by Creminelli Fine Meats.

Spice entrepreneurs and staff participated in engaging in workshops tailored to the needs of refugee and new American entrepreneurs. Creminelli Fine Meats works to ensure refugees are not only welcome but also successful in our community.

Photo: Jackie Rodabaugh/IRC

In August 2018, a group of 20 new American entrepreneurs and staff members picked the brains of the Creminelli founders to learn more about starting and scaling-up a business, identifying proper packaging and managing expectations. The group finished the day by touring Creminelli’s facility and learning more about the day-to-day operations of a local Utah business. 

Spice Kitchen, a program of the International Rescue Committee, entrepreneurs and staff take a tour of Creminelli Fine Meat's facilities.
Spice entrepreneurs and staff tour the Creminelli facilities. Photo: Jackie Rodabaugh/IRC.

Fast forward to November 2018: Creminelli's Brand Manager, Antonio Niccoli, referred Spice Kitchen Incubator to the American Advertising Federation of Utah who provided support through a communications workshop. Marketing, advertising, design, and media experts from across the valley sat down with Jackie to discuss innovative ways to rejuvinate marketing Spice Kitchen’s services and communications.   

This month, Creminelli executives and managers organized a storytelling workshop for Spice Kitchen entrepreneurs. The time flew by as entrepreneurs paired off with their mentors to delve in to stories of family traditions, food culture, and favorite recipes. Jackie saw the growth and impact this workshop had on Spice Kitchen entrepreneurs, “They’re exploring their personal food stories and beginning to share parts of them in compelling ways with the community.”

We are grateful for the continued support Creminelli Fine Meats provides to our work and the new American entrepreneurs we have the privilege to work with and look forward to new opportunities to connect in 2019. Thank you!

You can support our efforts to add spice to the Salt Lake City community by learning more about our Spice Kitchen Incubator program at SpiceKitchenIncubator.org