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Financial coaching begins in NJ

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Through a new partnership with Wells Fargo, the IRC in Elizabeth is excited to provide financial coaching for clients. Omar Ahmed, a previous IRC intern, joins the IRC in Elizabeth to help clients develop financial literacy skills across topics like budgeting, savings, credit-building, taxes, and loans. These are crucial supports for clients who are new to the U.S. banking system, and may not have interacted with formal banking systems before.

These financial coaching services are already being integrated into economic empowerment programs like Hospitality Link, a program in partnership with Marriott International that prepares clients for job opportunities in the hospitality field through sector-specific ESL training and skill development. By providing sessions on financial literacy, IRC ensures that clients are not only prepared for gainful employment, but also for managing their paychecks once they are hired.

Omar will not only be trained as a financial coach, but will also help to launch the IRC’s Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) in the Elizabeth office. CEO is a micro-lending platform designed to offer low-income individuals loans for credit building, training opportunities, and certification costs. To access CEO loans, clients must first go through financial coaching with Omar. The IRC is very excited to launch this innovative service, particularly as most clients arrive with no credit history.

Financial education is essential in developing healthy financial habits and establishing a strong foundation for self-sufficiency and success here in the U.S. The IRC in Elizabeth is looking forward to seeing our clients strengthen their skills and build towards the future through financial coaching and access to CEO!

If you are interested in supporting refugees and immigrants on their paths towards financial independence, please click here.