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Fundraising goal exceeded in Missoula Gives 2018

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Missoula Gives 2018 was an overwhelming show of support for refugees in Montana. International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Missoula began the day with a goal of raising $5,000 and ended with $8,061 in pledged funds, surpassing the goal by 161%. The work of IRC in Missoula's fundraising champions, individuals raising money on behalf of the organization, brought in a total of 81 donors supporting refugees. Another valuable partner in helping us surpass our goal was Missoula Federal Credit Union (MFCU). Early in the giving day MFCU pledged a $1,000 match that was quickly met. The campaign wrapped up with IRC in Missoula earning a 5th place ranking, out of 171 nonprofits, for most donors and 11th place for most funds raised. Thanks to the hard work of fundraising champions and generosity of so many donors, IRC in Missoula earned the "Best New Performer" award which came with a $500 prize. The money raised will contribute to supporting refugee children attending summer camp.

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Thank you to all who gave this Missoula Gives Photo: Missoula Community Foundation

Supporting children to attend summer camp helps refugee families in a number of ways. First, students learning English as a second language are afforded extra opportunities to practice and reinforce lessons from the previous school year. These opportunities are organic, with peers, which helps non-native English speakers learn much faster. Additionally, keeping children engaged intellectually during the summer break prevents academic learning loss between school years. Second, attending regular summer camp programming during the day gives children a supervised place to be while their parents engage in the workforce. Without summer camp, parents are often forced to choose between paying for costly child care or working fewer hours to watch the children themselves. Finally, children are given the opportunity to just be kids and escape the stress of integrating to an unfamiliar culture. They make friends, build relationships, and, importantly get to have fun!

IRC in Missoula would like to thank Missoula Federal Credit Union for their generous matching gift. IRC would also like to extend a big thank you to First Utah Bank for a $1,000 gift to cap the giving day. We cannot say 'thank you' enough to all the generous donors who gave to our campaign.

The IRC in Missoula would like to thank everyone who participated in Missoula Gives as fundraising champions and those who donated to help refugee families. If you missed the Missoula Gives campaign you can still support refugee families by donating to IRC in Missoula: https://help.rescue.org/donate/us-missoula-mt?ms=ws_resq_top_nav_btn_161...