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Home for the Holidays

As the weather finally turns colder, it is time that we start thinking how we all can help out this holiday season. The IRC in Abilene is officially kicking off our Home for the Holidays giving program this November.

Home for the Holidays Photo: Jen Rogers

Last year, with the help of our community, we were able to provide gifts to all refugees who arrived in Abilene in 2019! We once again invite you to show our refugee families that they are welcome and wanted in America.

Like everything in 2020, Home for the Holidays looks different this year. We hope that next year we will get to come back to our old welcoming ways but in order to protect our community, our families, and our staff members, significant changes have been made.

Unlike in the past, we will not be having an in-person event where you will be able to meet your families. Also, COVID-19 delayed many of our families that should have arrived in 2020 but are now delayed until 2021. We will be matching families that did arrive with donors. Additionally, we have welcome lists for sponsors to create a welcome kit for families who were delayed. Items for welcome kits can be purchased in stores locally and dropped off at the IRC Abilene office or can be purchased through our Amazon wishlist

You are welcome to create a 2-3 minute video for the family that you sponsor and the IRC in Abilene staff will deliver it with the gifts. 

We recommend spending a minimum of $100 on an individual, $150 on a couple, $300 on a family of three to five, and $400 for a family of six or more.

Giving to a family can be pooled to accommodate family needs and size.

Giving opportunities are still available if you’re unable to shop. Let us do the shopping for you.

We know that you have been with us for a long time and very much appreciate your support through these many years.

Getting Involved

  • Complete the sign-up form here!
  • We will assign a family to you and send you a wish list to serve as a shopping guide.
  • All purchases and contributions given to the IRC are tax deductible.
  • Plan to wrap all of your gifts.
  • Receipts for all purchases are required.
  • Due to COVID-19, gift drop off will be coordinated with Jen.

For additional questions, please contact jen.rogers [at] rescue.org (subject: Home%20for%20the%20Holidays) (Jen Rogers).