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Home for the Holidays - San Jose

During 2020, the IRC in San Jose served over 500 refugees, asylees, SIVs, and victims of trafficking from countries such as Afghanistan, Eritrea, and El Salvador among other distressed regions of the world. These families and individuals escaped conflict and persecution in their home countries in order to reach the United States and begin rebuilding their lives. Your contribution this holiday season not only provides families with greatly needed items, but lets them know that San Jose cares about and welcomes refugees.

Details and Instructions:    

  • With your support we are aiming to gift each of 20 selected families with up to $150 worth (tax not included) of their most needed items. Donors are welcome to purchase part of a wish list, an entire wish list, or multiple wish lists.
  • In order to comply with current health regulations, we will be utilizing Amazon’s Wish List feature. A wish list will be created for each family and the gifted items will be delivered directly to the family by Amazon. In order to protect our beneficiaries’ confidentiality, all identifying information will be hidden and wish lists will be differentiated using fruit names (e.g., The Blackberry Wish List). 
  • All family wish lists will be posted by November 20, 2020 and can be found here. Although the lists will be live until December 31st, we ask that all purchases be made by December 15, 2020 to allow enough time for the gifts to arrive prior to the end of the calendar year. We encourage you to send a gift receipt and kind message along with the gift. If you choose to do so, please only sign your first name. Alternative signatures can be “The Smith Family” or “your neighbors in San Jose.”
    • Please use a browser to access the wish lists as the mobile version is harder to navigate. You can find the different wish lists by clicking the link above and looking on the left side of the Amazon page. There will be 20 wish lists named after various fruits (e.g. The Blackberry Wish List, The Cherry Wish List, etc.)
    • Once items are purchased from a list they will disappear. This could lead to some wish lists looking incomplete or empty. Please go to another wish list if the one you click on appears empty.
  • Because Amazon does NOT notify the account holder (IRC) when items have been purchased from a wish list (or by who), we ask that donors send an email to DonateSJ [at] Rescue.org with the following information:
    • Donor(s) Full Name(s):
    • Donor Home Address:
    • Wish List(s) Purchased From:
    • Estimated Delivery Date(s):
  • Please also attach a copy of your purchase receipt displaying items purchased and total value **Please send this email as soon as you make a purchase so we can notify the benefitting family.**
  • We will issue you a donor receipt, eligible for tax deductions, once our clients confirm receipt of items.

Please also consider purchasing items from IRC San Jose’s various wish lists as having items on hand allows us to meet urgent needs when they arise. The “IRC San Jose’s Most Needed Items” list contain the items we are most in need of at this time.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to DonateSJ [at] Rescue.org.

Thank you for supporting a refugee family’s journey from harm to home this holiday season!