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How to volunteer in Midland

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Have you ever considered volunteering cross-culturally but are not in a position to travel abroad? Then consider volunteering with the IRC in Abilene. Volunteer opportunities are broad and provide an enriching, international experience in Midland.

Opportunities to serve include:

  • Greeting visitors to the office, answering phones, making phone calls, and working with case management, employment, immigration, or resource development departments.
  • Organizing a donation drive for household items and appliances that include housecleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, wheelchairs, infant diapers, car seats, coats and blankets.
  • Helping interpret Arabic, Burmese, Chin, or Spanish.

The process is as follows:

To become a volunteer:

  1. Learn about the work of the IRC in Midland by attending an information session. This step is required. Applications for those who attended the information session will be prioritized.
  2. Send your inquiry to VolunteerMidland [at] Rescue.org.
  3. Submit your application online here. Please keep in mind that our online application system is new. Most sections will only take up to 50 characters. Anything more than 50 characters and the application will not save. Uploading your resume and/or cover letter will ensure that no information is missed. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. Your materials will be reviewed and screened to determine qualifications and eligibility.
  5. If selected for a phone interview, you will be called. 
  6. If selected for an in person interview, you will be contacted.
  7. Successful interviews are proceeded by a background check. Your volunteer or intern placement will only be confirmed after your background check and references are cleared. The IRC in Dallas respectfully requests that you give a minimum of $45 to help offset the cost of your background check.
  8. Schedule your first day with the volunteer coordinator after your placement is confirmed. All Interns and mentors must attend an orientation.

The IRC in Midland offers several team oriented activities. These activities range from group interview workshops to organizing a fundraising events. Gather a group of friends, family members, or co-workers and get involved! For more information, contact VolunteerMidland [at] rescue.org.

We hope to see you soon!

Current opportunities:

Family Mentors:

Help refugees acclimate to Midland by showing them around the city, practicing their English, showing them the grocery store, and being a friend to the family. Requirement: 2 hours a week for 6 months.

ESL In-Home Tutor:

Teach refugees basic English by instructing them directly in their homes. This tutoring is supplemental to the instruction that refugees receive from ESL classes in their community. Requirement: 2 hours a week for 6 months (more hours are preferred)

Apartment Set Up:

Work with our case work staff to get a new home move in ready for a newly arrived refugee.

Civics Volunteer:

Help refugees on the path towards citizenship by helping them study in a classroom setting for their citizenship test.

Interviewing Practice:

Work one on one with a refugee to prepare him/her for job interviews.