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Internship opportunities at the IRC in Denver

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International Rescue Committee in Denver internship opportunities 

General internship requirements: 

•    3-4 month commitment. Hours per week varies by position
•    Hours must be completed during normal business hours (i.e. Monday–Friday between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm unless otherwise stated)
•    Enrollment in a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree program or pursuing a relevant career
•    An interest in international and refugee issues
•    Must be reliable and willing to work independently and as part of a team
•    Must be flexible and willing to help other teams and departments as needed
•    A willingness to learn about the diverse ethnic backgrounds of clients and adhere to IRC volunteer/intern and workplace policies
•    Ability and willingness to drive clients to and from appointments and/or help teach clients to take public transportation
•    Proficiency in other languages, particularly Arabic, Somali, Farsi, Dari, Nepali or Swahili highly desirable

How to apply: 

  1. Review the available positions below and then complete an online application HERE

Available positions:

Job placement and employment intern (Currently open & summer 2018)

The job placement intern will support job placement efforts at the IRC in Denver. This opportunity allows interns to work closely with refugee clients and assist them as they find employment and enter the U.S. workforce. 

  • Number of intern positions available: 2
  • Time Commitment: 20 hours per week; occasional early mornings/evenings
  • Help clients achieve self-sufficiency by navigating U.S. work culture and overcoming barriers to employment.
  • Provide transportation for clients to and from interviews
  • Teach clients how to get to and from job interviews and place of work on public transportation (must be willing to use public transportation)
  • Assist clients with job search, building resumes, filling out job applications and new hire paperwork
  • Mentor clients on U.S. work culture and how to be a successful employee
  • Research potential job opportunities, conduct occasional outreach to companies 
  • Relevant majors include (but are not limited to): Business Administration, Human Resources, International Relations, Social Work, Political Science, Sociology, Women’s Studies 
  • Skills:
    • Intercultural communication, complex problem solving, time management, written communication, critical thinking, flexibility, data entry

Case management intern (Summer 2018) 

The case management team is the first point of contact for newly arrived refugees and offers support, guidance and counseling through all stages of resettlement. This position works side by side with caseworkers to provide initial services to orient refugees to life in the U.S., including—but not limited to—applying for social security cards and Colorado ID cards, and linking refugees to internal and mainstream services.

  • Number of intern positions available: 2
  • Time commitment: 15 hours per week
  • Assist with pre-arrival logistics including securing and setting up housing, purchasing groceries, housing supplies and other related tasks
  • Assist clients to get their school-age children enrolled in school and learn bus routes to and from school
  • Assist with obtaining social security cards, applying for, understanding and navigating public benefits
  • Facilitate access to additional community resources for individuals and families
  • Provide additional support for high risk families and families with heightened needs
  • Provide transportation and accompany clients to and from appointments
  • Help organize case files

Housing & logistics intern (Summer 2018)

The housing & logistics intern will play an integral part in finding safe and affordable housing for newly arriving individuals and families by liaising with landlords, researching housing listings and affordable housing areas, and assisting families with the application process for affordable housing opportunities.

  • Number of intern positions available: 3
  • Time commitment: 15 hours per week
  • Research, identify, and help secure viable housing options for newly arriving refugees
  • Perform in-home extended safety, sanitation and housing orientations
  • Create and maintain a database of affordable housing programs
  • Assist clients with the application process for affordable housing programs
  • Outreach to, and liaise with landlords, property management companies and other housing partners to create and maintain positive and effective relationships
  • Organize community building events to create welcoming communities in apartment complexes and neighborhoods
  • Educate clients on maintaining living space and making maintenance requests 
  • Identify and engage in opportunities to advocate for improved access and opportunities for affordable housing in the metro area 

Quality assurance intern (Summer 2018)

This position will review case files, electronic case notes, reports and client financial documentation to ensure compliance with federal and state programs, regulations and funders. This position requires meticulous attention detail, excellent organization skills, and excellent Excel and Microsoft Office application skills.

  • Number of intern positions available: 1
  • Time commitment: 15 hours per week
  • Procedure and compliance oriented individual with attention to detail
  • Review case files and note missing items
  • Collect client signatures on necessary documentation
  • Review reports for missing quality assurance items
  • Add missing case notes; case note volunteer and intern activities

In-home ESL program intern (Currently open & summer 2018)

Help coordinate ESL in-home tutor program. Assist IRC Denver team to facilitate volunteer trainings and pair volunteers with clients. 

  • Number of intern positions available: 1
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours per week 
  • Assist with the IRC In-Home ESL program
  • Assist with pairing of volunteer tutors and IRC clients
  • Communicate with tutors, clients, and interpreters to schedule introductory meetings
  • Willing to go to client homes to perform introductions and placement tests
  • Communicate with volunteer tutors regularly regarding (but not limited to) submission of hours, monthly feedback surveys
  • Order/maintain supply of ESL materials through Intercambio
  • Communicate regularly with program coordinator via email, phone, meetings
  • Assist program coordinator with workshops for tutors and clients

Public benefits specialist intern (Summer 2018)

Support the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) liaison and the casework team to ensure that clients are accessing appropriate public benefits available to them in a timely manner. Public benefits include TANF, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program), Low Income Energy Assistance Program and others.

  • Number of intern positions available: 2
  • Time commitment: 15 hours per week
  • Create and maintain a database of public benefits and eligibility criteria
  • Create and maintain relationships with community organizations
  • Connect clients to relevant public benefits and help them with the application process
  • Train clients on effective public benefit use
  • Help troubleshoot issues with access and eligibility, services and benefits
  • Identify areas where IRC can engage in advocacy to improve the public benefits system
  • Administrative task, including filing and data entry
  • Provide transportation for clients and assist with county interviews and/or picking up benefits card
  • Must be able to provide transportation in own vehicle for clients

Transportation education intern (Currently open & summer 2018)

Design program and curriculum to promote client self-sufficiency in public transportation utilization.   

  • Number of intern positions available: 1
  • Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per week
  • Conduct assessments to determine client needs regarding public transportation education and training
  • Oversee/train volunteers to conduct transportation orientation
  • Design transportation training materials for volunteers and clients
  • Compile resources and act as liaison to RTD
  • Purchase and distribute bus passes to clients
  • Must be comfortable taking public transportation 

English education intern (Currently open & summer 2018)

Help coordinate client enrollment in ESL programs and track participation and attendance. 

  • Number of intern positions available: 2
  • Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per week
  • Help clients enroll in ESL programs throughout Denver metro area
  • Help clients become familiar with transportation to and from ESL locations
  • Provide public transportation training to new clients
  • Research new ESL programs (location, schedule, levels, registration process and fees)
  • Administrative tasks as needed, including case noting enrollments, attendance and interactions
  • Ensure that clients are attending ESL classes and follow-up with clients who are not attending class regularly
  • Must be comfortable taking public transportation 

Youth program school family liaison (Currently open & summer 2018)

Work directly with case management team to oversee school enrollments and partnerships with school districts.

  • Number of intern positions available: 2
  • Time commitment: 10 hours per week minimum 
  • Identify the appropriate district and school for every client eligible to be enrolled in school
  • Arrange for the enrollment of each client while adhering to the process required by each district (i.e. online, in person, etc.)
  • Manage contacts at various school districts
  • Manage any special concerns for clients and ensure school districts are aware of family's concerns 
  • Provide updates and raise any concerns to youth program lead intern
  • Utilizes youth programming group for cross-team collaboration and communication

Youth program outside activities intern (Currently open & summer 2018)

Work directly with IRC Denver staff, clients and community providers to identify camps, summer programs and other resources for refugee youth.

  • Number of internship positions available: 2
  • Time commitment: 15 hours per week
  • Work with YMCA contact to organize summer programs for IRC clients
  • Enroll each eligible client in appropriate summer camp (if not centralized in one location)
  • Provide updates and raise any concerns to youth program lead intern
  • Utilizes youth programming group for cross-team collaboration and communication
  • Develop a mentorship program of students
  • Manage community partnerships with organizations that have existing youth programs; research and outreach to potential partners
  • Develop programming that address youth programing service gaps

In-kind donation coordination intern (Currently open & summer 2018)

Work with the volunteer and external relations coordinator to manage, track and distribute in-kind donations. 

  • Number of intern positions available: 1
  • Time commitment: 8 hours per week 
  • Prepare donations for new arrivals
  • Work with local businesses, donors and other community supporters to procure needed items
  • Facilitate donation drives and volunteer donation sorting events
  • Manage incoming donation inquiries and have an understanding of our current inventory, capacity and needs
  • Record the in-kind value of all donations coming and going from office
  • Data entry/donation tracking in accordance with IRC finance requirements 

Volunteer & external relations intern (Summer 2018)

Work directly with the volunteer and external relations coordinator to oversee the volunteer and intern program. Facilitate new volunteer/intern trainings. Work with direct services staff to identify and fill volunteer and intern needs. Help with community outreach, IRC hosted events and internal and external communications.

  • Number of intern positions available: 2
  • Time commitment: 15 hours per week
  • Help produce and coordinate content for newsletters
  • Assist in the planning and execution of IRC hosted events
  • Manage community contacts and partnerships, days of services and volunteer events
  • Help develop information and presentation toolkit for external events
  • Represent IRC Denver at community events, volunteer fairs, etc.
  • Process incoming volunteer/intern applications, conduct phone interviews and process onboarding paperwork
  • Coordinate and teach new volunteer/intern training sessions
  • Work with IRC staff to identify volunteer/intern needs


Family stabilization specialist (FSS) intern (Summer 2018)

Intern will work directly with the family stabilization specialist and intensive case management team. The FSS intern will work directly with clients with any of the following criteria: severe mental health, domestic violence, child abuse, substance use, elder abuse, sexual assault and/or LGBTQI

  • Number of positions available: 1
  • Hours per week: 15 hours per week minimum
  • Must be enrolled in an applicable graduate program
  • Comfortable with a high level of client interaction
  • Comfortable taking on own cases and maintaining professionalism and confidentiality
  • Assist clients to connect with existing community resources 
  • Provide refugee 101 sessions and other education material to community and community partners/providers


Psychosocial support program intern (Summer 2018)

Work directly with the psychosocial support specialist to facilitate pathways to wellness, assess unique needs of clients and design/organize psychosocial groups, assess refugee provider needs and develop relevant trainings, build relationships with clients, and encourage refugee wellness, empowerment, and resilience.

  • Number of intern positions available: 2
  • Time commitment: 15-20 hours per week. Must be in the office once per week for team meeting and strongly encouraged to attend one program session per week (4 hours)
  • Candidate enrolled in graduate program, or having recently graduated strongly preferred
  • Familiarity and interest in working with refugee population
  • Leadership skills and self-motivated
  • Intern will be encouraged to learn all areas of health and wellness programming through IRC
  • Candidate should be very organized and competent using Microsoft Excel and Outlook
  • Administer and collect data with the measurement tool RHS-15
  • Have strong interpersonal skills to establish relationships with clients and maintain community partnerships (Cooking Matters, Pathways to Wellness, new community partnerships for programming collaboration, etc.)
  • Interest in program development and developing group curriculum based on needs identified in clients
  • Willingness to teach clients how to use public transportation (ride bus with client to ensure attendance in programming.)
  • Assist in coordinating child programming, set-up childcare for parent involvement in groups.