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Introducing Laan Na Thai!

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We are excited to welcome Laan Na Thai to the local food scene in Salt Lake City! Laan Na Thai is a micro-restaurant located in the space formerly known as Ekamai Thai serving a variety of well-known and unique Thai dishes. Yellow Curry, Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles are still on the menu, but Laan Na Thai will incorporate unique and authentic dishes inspired by the cuisine of their homeland in northeastern Thailand, including Pumpkin Curry, Kao Soi, and Hung Lay Pork—none will disappoint!

Yupin and Wichai sit outside their newly launched restaurant, Laan Na Thai

Yupin, left, and Wichai sit outside of the newly launched Laan Na Thai on 300 South 336 West in downtown Salt Lake City.

Photo: Billy Yang/IRC

Yupin and Wichai, the owners of Laan Na Thai, immigrated to the United States just seven years ago. They joined Spice Kitchen Incubator in January 2016 and purchased their restaurant space two months later. Yupin has been around food all her life, beginning in Thailand where she helped her mother run a food stand.

Yupin previously worked at Ekamai Thai for six years as the chef. She is excited to continue providing the same high quality food and warm customer service to downtown foodies while infusing her own recipes into the menu. Yupin and Wichai dreamed of owning a restaurant for many years, and we are proud our Spice Kitchen Incubator helped them realize their dream!

Experience Laan Na Thai's launch on October 14th for yourself by watching Good4Utah's short clip highlighting the successful opening.

Visit Laan Na Thai (300 South 336 West) today to try delicious tastes of Thailand for lunch or dinner! Stay up to date with their menu and events by following Laan Na Thai on Facebook.