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The IRC in Atlanta welcomes Afghan SIV recipients

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Congratulations on being granted Special Immigration status by the United States and thank you for your service in Afghanistan. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Atlanta is happy to welcome you to your new home and we look forward to supporting you as you start your new life in Atlanta.

Afghan SIV recipients are eligible for the same resettlement assistance, programs, and other benefits as refugees admitted under the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP). The U.S. Department of State’s Reception and Placement (R&P) Program covers your first 30-90 days in the U.S. Additionally all SIV’s welcomed to Atlanta through the IRC will receive benefits through the Matching Grant Program, an early employment program.

The Department of State funds nine (9) Resettlement Agencies (including IRC) that participate in the R&P Program under a cooperative agreement. These agencies have over 300 affiliated R&P offices across the U.S. The resettlement agency is responsible for providing initial R&P services and assisting refugees and SIV beneficiaries to achieve economic self-sufficiency as quickly as possible.

Services provided to SIV recipients resettling with the IRC in Atlanta:

  • Direct cash assistance
  • Airport pick up when you arrive in Atlanta (if needed)
  • Arrange suitable housing for you and your family (if needed). Will work with any family and friends in Atlanta to ensure you are close
  • Comprehensive case management services (e.g. obtaining Social Security Card, providing access to food, enrolling children in school)
  • Medical assistance including addressing all health concerns (as needed)
  • English and job skills classes
  • Employment services and support finding work
  • Ongoing cultural orientation and integration services
  • Immigration services for eligible family to join you in Atlanta
  • Additional services including career advancement, education, business development and more following initial resettlement

If you have any questions please contact the IRC in Atlanta’s SIV Outreach Liaison, Janat Omed, at Janat.Omed [at] Rescue.org or on 470-925-0042.

You can also find additional information about resettling in Atlanta through our Atlanta SIVs Facebook group here.