The Emergency Housing Fund will directly support Afghan refugee families who have fled their country to resettle in Southern California. 

The United States continues its humanitarian evacuation and relocation of a group of Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants to Southern California. SIV evacuees are interpreters, medical personnel and community members who served the U.S. government during the war in Afghanistan.

The IRC has resettled more than 16,000 Afghan SIV recipients since Congress established the program in 2006, and is committed to ensuring that these families are given a chance to seek safety and rebuild their lives in the United States. Los Angeles is one of the most welcoming cities in the nation, and Southern California continues to be a preferred destination because of the city’s vibrant Afghan community. 

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Additional Information

The Need: Refugees only receive a one-time amount of $1,125 per person to cover initial basic costs and this amount is the same regardless of where in the country they are resettled. The majority of refugees arriving in Northern California are coming to join family members who are often not yet financially stable themselves. As a result, the refugees served by the International Rescue Committee typically require additional financial support as they get on their feet in the United States.

A Solution: You can help! The Emergency Housing Fund provides housing assistance for refugees who have arrived in the last six months. 100% of your donation will be disbursed to refugee families in need of modest support with rent and utilities after their first 30 days.