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IRC Staff Contact Information

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As of June 2021, IRC in NJ staff is working both at the office and remotely. An appointment is required to meet in person with IRC staff. To request an appointment, please call or email the staff person you would like to meet and we will determine if a remote or in-person appointment is best. If you need general assistance or are not sure who to contact, call or text our main line at 908- 290-5496.


diana.mbgoni [at] rescue.org (Diana Mbogoni), Resettlement Manager (102): 908-627-2515, Swahili

claire.oyulu [at] rescue.org (Claire Oyulu), Resettlement Caseworker (121): 862-754-5762, Swahili

stefanie.amarillo-ramirez [at] rescue.org (Stefanie Amarillo Ramirez), Resettlement Caseworker, 646-808-4038, Spanish

Jael.zadran [at] rescue.org (Jael Zadran), Resettlement Caseworker, 551-302-1900

ShirZad.sarbaz [at] rescue.org (Shir Zad Sarbaz), Resettlement Caseworker, 332-215-9446, Dari, Pashto, Hindi and Urdu

Grace.Last [at] rescue.org (Grace Last), Resettlement Case Aide, 973-913-4194, Spanish

Ghulam.karimi [at] rescue.org (Ghulam Karimi), Housing and Logistics Assistant, 908-977-6654, Dari and Pashto

Clarisabel Rosario Rivero, Resettlement Case Aide, 908-718-7048, Spanish

fernanda.vello [at] rescue.org (Fernanda Vello), Housing and Logistics Specialist, 732-453-4759, Spanish and Portuguese

alshimaa.mohamed [at] rescue.org (Alshimaa Mohamed), Reswttlement Caseworker, Arabic, 862-754-5773

Jaime.Rivera [at] rescue.org (Jaime Rivera), Employment and Matching Grant Cash Specialist: 646-285-7031, Spanish

jeremy.robson [at] rescue.org (Jeremy Robson), Employment Matching Grant Specialist

Nathalie.Leonardo [at] rescue.org (subject: ICM%20Inquiry) (Nathalie Leonardo), Intensive Case Management Caseworker (104): 332-215-9501‬, Spanish

nermen.mehani [at] rescue.org (Nermen Mehani), Intensive Case Management Caseworker, 732-338-8843, Arabic

adrienne.villondo [at] rescue.org (Adrienne Villondo), Intensive Case Management Caseworker, Spanish


Economic Empowerment (646) 300-0506

veronicah.mwaniki [at] rescue.org (Veronicah Mwaniki), Economic Empowerment Manager (101): 201-468-0178, Swahili

carl.phillips [at] rescue.org (Carl Phillips), Cash Assistance and Casework Coordinator (117): 201-815-4077 Spanish

lillybeth.lascano [at] rescue.org (Lillybeth Lascano), Caseworker, WhatsApp 347-508-1109, Spanish

sophie.ceus [at] rescue.org (Sophie Jibnie Ceus), Caseworker, 908-346-4541, Haitian Creole

bahara.mohammadi [at] rescue.org (Bahara Mohammadi), RCA Caseworker, Dari/Pashto

Giana Avagliano, RCA Caseworker, 862-210-9882

marie.myvline [at] rescue.org (Marie Myvline Jules), RSS Caseworker, Haitian Creole

Hiba.Qaraman [at] rescue.org (Hiba Qaraman), Employment Specialist (106): 908-858-2768 Arabic

shirley.simone [at] rescue.org (Shirley Simone), Employment Specialist (107): 908-409-3274 Cantonese

omar.ahmed [at] rescue.org (Omar Ahmed), Financial Capabilities Coordinator (118): 201-749-1673 Arabic

juliet.nangini [at] rescue.org (Juliet Nangini), Tax Preparation Assistant, 862-348-0071


Education and Learning

jas.verem [at] rescue.org (Jas Verem), Education and Learning Manager (108): 406-640-8517

Kylie.Davis [at] rescue.org (Kylie Davis), Youth Program Coordinator, 609-638-7221

vera.liang [at] rescue.org (Vera Liang), Adult Education Coordinator, 510-993-0944

mustafa.altaie [at] rescue.org (Mustafa Al Taie), College and Career Readiness Specialist, 973-607-2017, Arabic


Health and Wellness

hannah.steele [at] rescue.org (Hannah Steele), Health and Wellness Coordinator, 609-836-0396, French and Romanian

mazen.abou [at] rescue.org (Mazen Abou), Community Outreach Assistant, 646-907-2907, Arabic

rania.abou [at] rescue.org (Rania Abou), Community Outreach Assistant,  646-907-2907, Arabic

Farhad.nahiri [at] rescue.org (Farhad Nasiri), Community Outreach Assistant, 646-907-3195, Dari, Pashto

aimee.malonga [at] rescue.org (Aimee Malonga), Community Outreach Assistant, Swahili

Vacant, Community Outreach Assistant, Haitian Creole speaking (Apply Here)


Immigration Legal Services (908-368-1975)

sheila.moreira [at] rescue.org (Sheila Moreira), Esq., Managing Attorney (109) Spanish

milagros.apolaya [at] rescue.org (Milagros Apolaya), Legal Representative (116) Spanish

gabriela.casco [at] rescue.org (Gabriela Casco), Immigration Legal Assistant, 908-487-6415, Spanish

jacob.benhabib [at] rescue.org (Jacob Benhabib), Staff Attorney

aliahmad.pasoon [at] rescue.org (Ali Ahmad Pasoon), Immigration Legal Assistant, 862-505-1576, Dari and Pashto


Administrative and Community Relations Staff

avigail.ziv [at] rescue.org (Avigail Ziv), Executive Director, 212-377-4733

alison.millan [at] rescue.org (Alison Millan), Deputy Director (115): 646, 250-8951 Spanish

elisabeth.loua [at] rescue.org (Elisabeth Loua), Administrative Assistant (100), 908-290-5496, French and Spanish

Sally.El-Sadek2 [at] rescue.org (Sally El-Sadek), Community Sponsorship Coordinator, 908-346-4478, Arabic and Spanish

brittany.oneill [at] rescue.org (Brittany O’Neill), Development Director

malin.evertszmendez [at] rescue.org (Malin Evertsz Mendez), Development Coordinator

milagros.cruz [at] rescue.org (Milagros Cruz), Community Relations Officer

ahmed.zeineldine [at] rescue.org (Ahmed Zeineldine), Senior Finance Manager

waiying.ma [at] rescue.org (Wai Ying Ma), Finance Manager

farhad.mayar [at] rescue.org (Farhad Mayar), Finance Coordinator

curtis.green [at] rescue.org (Curtis Green), Finance Specialist

saeedah.sadaty [at] rescue.org (Saeedah Sadaty), Finance Specialist