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IRC Staff Contact Information

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As of June 2021, IRC staff are working both at the office and remotely. An appointment is required to meet in-person with IRC staff. To request an appointment, please call or email the staff person you would like to meet and we will determine if a remote or in-person appointment is best.


diana.mbgoni [at] rescue.org (Diana Mbogoni), Casework Supervisor (102): 908-627-2515 Swahili

dana.halwani [at] rescue.org (Dana Halwani), Senior Caseworker (105): 551-302-1900 Arabic

claire.oyulu [at] rescue.org (Claire Oyulu), Resettlement Caseworker (121): 862-754-5762 Swahili

jacob.wasserman [at] rescue.org (Jacob Wasserman), Housing and Logistics Specialist (123): 862-754-5773 Spanish

Jaime.Rivera [at] rescue.org (Jaime Rivera), Employment and Matching Grant Cash Specialist: 646-285-7031 Spanish

Nathalie.Leonardo [at] rescue.org (subject: ICM%20Inquiry) (Nathalie Leonardo), Intensive Case Management Caseworker (104): ‪908-845-3384‬

arianne.geiser [at] rescue.org (Aria Geiser), Extended Services Caseworker, 646-808-4038


Economic Empowerment (646) 300-0506

veronicah.mwaniki [at] rescue.org (Veronicah Mwaniki), Economic Empowerment Supervisor (101): 201-468-0178

shirley.simone [at] rescue.org (Shirley Simone), Employment Specialist (107): 908-409-3274 Cantonese

carl.phillips [at] rescue.org (Carl Phillips), Employment and Refugee Cash Assistance Specialist (117): 201-815-4077 Spanish

Hiba.Qamaran [at] rescue.org (Hiba Qamaran), Exetended Services Caseworker (106): 908-858-2768 Arabic

Fernanda.Vello [at] rescue.org (Fernanda Vello), Union County Refugee Works Career Services Specialist: 848-228-2823 Portuguese, Spanish, French

omar.ahmed [at] rescue.org (Omar Ahmed), Financial Coach (118): 201-749-1673 Arabic


Education and Learning

jas.verem [at] rescue.org (Jas Verem), Education and Learning Supervisor (108): 406-640-8157

heather.fineberg [at] rescue.org (Heather Fineberg), Youth Program Coordinator (103): 908-249-0086 Spanish

Amanda.Kuryla [at] rescue.org (Amanda Kuryla), Adult Education Coordinator: 510-993-0944

olivia.stumpf [at] rescue.org (Olivia Stumpf), Union County Refugee Works Skills Instructor (130): 201-308-3247 Spanish

Daniel.Kaingu [at] rescue.org (subject: Community%20Outreach%20Inquiry) (Daniel Kaingu), Community Health Worker: 732-453-4759 Swahili

mazen.abou [at] rescue.org (Mazen Abou), Community Outreach Assistant, 646-820-7611, Arabic

rania.abou [at] rescue.org (Rania Abou), Community Outreach Assistant,  646-907-2907, Arabic

lashida.barnes [at] rescue.org (Lashida Barnes), Community Outreach Assistant, 646-907-2861, Spanish

Farhad.nahiri [at] rescue.org (Farhad Nasiri), Community Outreach Assistant, 646-907-3195, Dari, Pashto


Immigration Legal Services (908-368-1975)

sheila.moreira [at] rescue.org (Sheila Moreira), Esq., Immigration Supervisor (109) Spanish

milagros.apolaya [at] rescue.org (Milagros Apolaya), Immigration Caseworker (116) Spanish

gabriela.casco [at] rescue.org (Gabriela Casco), Immigration Legal Assistant, Spanish


Administrative Staff

Avigail Ziv, Executive Director

alison.millan [at] rescue.org (Alison Millan), Deputy Director (115): 646, 250-8951 Spanish

julie.scesney [at] rescue.org (Julie Scesney), Administrative Assistant (100): 908-290-5496 Spanish

brittany.oneill [at] rescue.org (Brittany O’Neill), Development Director

milagros.cruz [at] rescue.org (Milagros Cruz), Community Relations Officer

waiying.ma [at] rescue.org (Wai Ying Ma), Finance Manager