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IRC Transitioning to Remote Services During COVID-19

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Beginning Wednesday, March 18th, the IRC’s office in Elizabeth will be closed to protect the health of clients and staff as New Jersey continues to see an increasing number of Coronavirus cases. However, our staff will continue to work remotely and will maintain regular remote contact and appointments with the individuals and families we serve.

During regular business hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm), you can reach us at 908-290-5496 and a staff member will be available to assist you. If you have a specific inquiry related to one of the following program areas, you can also reach us at these numbers. Languages spoken by staff are listed; if clients need assistance in another language, a phone interpreter will be secured.


diana.mbgoni [at] rescue.org (Diana Mbogoni), Casework Supervisor (102): 908-627-2515 Swahili

dana.halwani [at] rescue.org (Dana Halwani), Senior Caseworker (105): 551-302-1900 Arabic

claire.oyulu [at] rescue.org (Claire Oyulu), Resettlement Caseworker (121): 862-754-5762 Swahili

jacob.wasserman [at] rescue.org (Jacob Wasserman), Housing and Logistics Specialist (123): 862-754-5773 Spanish

Jaime.Rivera [at] rescue.org (Jaime Rivera), Employment and Matching Grant Cash Specialist: 646-285-7031 Spanish

Nathalie.Leonardo [at] rescue.org (subject: ICM%20Inquiry) (Nathalie Leonardo), Intensive Case Management Caseworker (104): ‪908-845-3384‬


Economic Empowerment (646) 300-0506

Veronicah Mwaniki, Economic Empowerment Supervisor (101): 201-468-0178

shirley.simone [at] rescue.org (Shirley Simone), Employment Specialist (107): 908-409-3274 Cantonese

carl.phillips [at] rescue.org (Carl Phillips), Employment and Refugee Cash Assistance Specialist (117): 201-815-4077 Spanish

Hiba.Qamaran [at] rescue.org (Hiba Qamaran), Exetended Services Caseworker (106): 908-858-2768 Arabic

Fernanda.Vello [at] rescue.org (Fernanda Vello), Union County Refugee Works Career Services Specialist: 848-228-2823 Portuguese, Spanish, French

omar.ahmed [at] rescue.org (Omar Ahmed), Financial Coach (118): 201-749-1673 Arabic


Education and Learning

jas.verem [at] rescue.org (Jas Verem), Education and Learning Supervisor (108): 406-640-8157

heather.fineberg [at] rescue.org (Heather Fineberg), Youth Program Coordinator (103): 908-249-0086 Spanish

Amanda.Kuryla [at] rescue.org (Amanda Kuryla), Adult Education Coordinator: 510-993-0944

olivia.stumpf [at] rescue.org (Olivia Stumpf), Union County Refugee Works Skills Instructor (130): 201-308-3247 Spanish

Daniel.Kaingu [at] rescue.org (subject: Community%20Outreach%20Inquiry) (Daniel Kaingu), Community Outreach Assistant: 908-671-1184


Immigration Legal Services (908-368-1975)

sheila.moreira [at] rescue.org (Sheila Moreira), Esq., Immigration Supervisor (109) Spanish

milagros.apolaya [at] rescue.org (Milagros Apolaya), Immigration Caseworker (116) Spanish


Administrative Staff

Avigail Ziv, Executive Director

alison.millan [at] rescue.org (Alison Millan), Deputy Director (115): 646, 250-8951 Spanish

julie.scesney [at] rescue.org (Julie Scesney), Administrative Assistant (100): 908-290-5496 Spanish

brittany.oneill [at] rescue.org (Brittany O’Neill), Development Director

milagros.cruz [at] rescue.org (Milagros Cruz), Community Relations Officer

kathryn.hoven [at] rescue.org (Kathryn Hoven), Development Coordinator

waiying.ma [at] rescue.org (Wai Ying Ma), Finance Manager