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Items needed for refugees in San Jose

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Thank you for your interest in in-kind donations to the IRC! Community assistance in the form of donations is an amazing way to immediately impact the lives of refugees, and we welcome your help.

The primary beneficiaries of IRC donated goods are refugees from all over the world who have fled their homelands after experiencing life-threatening persecution and are unable to stay or return to his or her home country.  The ability to provide a warm and welcoming home upon their arrival in the U.S. is paramount to their comfort and security. We ask that interested community members work within our capacity and requirements to ensure our resettlement efforts are comprehensive and equitable.



  1. Prior to any procurement of donations or donation drives, you must reach out to our Volunteer and Donations Coordinator. Our goal is to make sure your donations are fully utilized and to do so we must coordinate our efforts. The IRC retains the right to refuse any item procured without our knowledge. Please email Michelle.Borrego [at] rescue.org if you are interested in donating. 
  2. IRC does not have the ability to pick up donated items. The IRC can only accept items dropped off either at our office at a pre-arranged time or delivered directly to a clients place of residence with the help of IRC staff facilitation.
  3. The IRC is a 501c3, nonprofit organization, and as such donations can be tax deductible. After donating an item, the IRC will send you a receipt with our tax ID information and a record of the items you donated. The IRC cannot place a value on the items you donated, so there will be space on the receipt for you to input that information as you see fit.

In general, the items that are greatly appreciated and can be accepted year-round include:



For your convenience, all items can be purchased through our online registries: Amazon Donation Registry: Click Here 

The IRC will only take items that are in NEW* or LIKE NEW condition. All items will be inspected upon drop off and each office retains the right to refuse any items.

*By law, some items must be new.

Thank you for your interest in donating. For more information or to learn about drop off dates and times, please contact the Volunteer and Donation Coordinator.

Michelle Borrego | Volunteer and Donations Coordinator

Michelle.Borrego [at] rescue.org
+1 408 277 0255 ext. 210

We are sincerely grateful for your interest, support, and generosity as we guide refugees from harm to home.