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Meet the IRC: Yina & Stephanie

Stephanie joined the IRC from neighboring Kean University, just down the road from the IRC's office in Elizabeth. Stephanie is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. After learning about the IRC through Kean's internship office, she applied and joined the Economic Empowerment team, where she job searched on clients' behalf and assisted with resume preparation.

During her work as an Economic Empowerment intern, Stephanie worked with Yina, a Honduran refugee, to set her best foot forward towards a career in education. She reflects on her experience below.

Yina hard at work after pursuing her dreams to work in education. Photo: Stephanie Ibrahim/IRC.

Yina (35) is a refugee from Honduras. Yina attended college in Honduras and always had a passion for teaching. Despite her struggles, Yina worked hard to get to where she is today. Her goals were to move to the United States and become a teacher. She graduated with a teaching degree specializing in literature. Yina is currently a substitute teacher and enjoys her job. It was not easy to get to where she is today. Yina spend countless hours and days taking English courses at her local community college. Yina worked numerous jobs such as a janitor, housekeeping and Spanish teacher. She worked many jobs in order to provide a better life for her family and two children. Yina is a hardworking individual and is the definition of inspiration.

Stephanie is right, Yina is an inspiration! As is Stephanie's commitment to refugees in New Jersey. Thank you to Stephanie for her outstanding work with the IRC in Elizabeth, and congratulations to Yina on her extraordinary work building her new life in New Jersey. 

If you'd like to support refugee women like Yina and the IRC's economic empowerment work, please click here.