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New Partnership Provides Computers to Refugees

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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Tucson has recently partnered with PCs for Refugees in Phoenix to provide much needed computers to the IRC’s refugee clients. Since the launch of the program in February, the IRC in Tucson has provided 12 families with refurbished computers. In addition to computers, clients receive one on one computer literacy training and help with English and client-selected topics through our tutoring program. 

Here’s what PCs for Refugees has to say about their work “rebooting the Lives of Refugees”: "We believe that computers are a necessity in today’s world. A working computer is essential to help access important information, conduct job searches, fill out healthcare paperwork, help refugees integrate into their new communities, to stay connected to friends and family around the world, and so much more. PCs for Refugees is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization run by a small group of all volunteers, aiming to provide every refugee family here in Arizona with easy access to a PC at home. We are trying to provide the perfect technological platform suitable for delivering education and the tools needed to thrive in today’s digital age. We strongly believe that lack of a computer or internet access can play a major limitation."

We couldn’t agree more! Through our ongoing partnership with PCs for Refugees we will continue providing this valuable tool to clients to support their community integration, job search, education and communication. Here are the stories of two refugees who have already benefitted from this partnership:


Naomi, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, recently received a computer for her family.

Naomi arrived in Tucson in August 2018, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Naomi is a young mother of 5 who, due to her exceptional motivation and effort, has paved a successful path for herself and her family in Tucson. Naomi’s desire to improve her situation and tenacity was evident even when she was living in a refugee camp where she taught herself English. In the camp, she also sold goods at a market and took care of her children. Naomi is a single mother and currently works two jobs in addition to caring for her family. Naomi plans to use her new computer to help her kids study and achieve their higher education goals and, if possible, to also continue her education and start a career in a higher paying field. Naomi’s oldest son is graduating high school in May and the family is already using the computer to find college scholarships and other opportunities. The IRC has been working with Naomi to improve her computer skills and help her identify scholarship opportunities for her son.


Feruzi plans to use his donated PC to improve his English and job skills.

Feruzi arrived in the US in September 2018 with his wife and two toddlers from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Feruzi and his wife have found success in their new Tucson home and continue to improve their lives through their drive and dedication. Feruzi and his wife both work full time, alternating their shifts to take care of their kids. Feruzi speaks four languages, including English, which has helped him gain employment and settle into life in Tucson. Feruzi plans to use his new computer to improve his English skills and tap into the job market by learning job searching skills. With the new computer and English skills, access to information and an ambitious attitude, Feruzi can look for new opportunities that build on his knowledge and experience.