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New Roots' Flood Response Fundraiser

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At the end of May, the International Rescue Committee in Charlottesville's New Roots Farm experienced a severe flash flood that destroyed most of the crops and caused extensive damage to the property. The farm was engulfed with 3 feet of moving water, burying it in sand and silt and taking much of the topsoil and compost away.   

The 20 refugee and immigrant families who grow food for their families and for sale at New Roots Farm have now lost the spring and early summer growing season. Thankfully, none of the families or animals at the farm were hurt. However, with the news of this devastating loss for our community, many have asked how they can help.

Farmers, volunteers, and New Roots staff members cleaning up at the farm following the flood. Photo: Brooke Ray/IRC

We’ve learned that the farmers and the gardeners wish to reclaim what they can of the season by replanting a lesser-impacted portion of the farm and relocating the market crops to a number of alternate locations around the city. We are inspired by the resilience of these families to press on and work so hard to keep this special project alive.

One of our community supporters, Ken Horne, has started a Crowdrise fundraiser to help the New Roots Team and the families they serve rebuild. The goal is to reach $50,000 in 50 days, and as of June 21, they are 42% funded. As part of the fundraiser, Tracey Love of Blenheim Vineyards and Hill and Holler will be hosting a fully sponsored thank-you celebration on the last day of the campaign, Monday, July 30th. For everyone that gives $100 or more by Monday June 23, you will be invited to join us at New Roots Farm for an evening of food, music and commiseration. Please visit the fundraiser’s page to learn more and contribute. 

Thank you so much to those of you who have already donated to the recovery fund or given us your time and energy in repairing the farm!