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New Roots Micro-Producers Provide Covid-19 Relief

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Micro-Producers Washing and Preparing Chard and Collards for Sale

This summer our New Roots micro-producers are selling their produce to the Charlottesville Food Justice Network to help with COVID-19 relief.

New Roots micro-producers are advanced refugee gardeners who have undergone training to market their garden products to local businesses. In this way, they are able to grow their own food and earn income through their garden plots. Our micro-producers have had success in selling to Charlottesville restaurants and farmers markets in the past. However, the past few months have been challenging as COVID-19 severely disrupted their established market outlets to local restaurants and farmers markets.

The recent partnerships with Cultivate Charlottesville have allowed our micro-producers to find a new market and continue selling to the community. Our micro-producers are following CDC guidance in their gardens by wearing masks and thoroughly cleaning their produce for sale. New Roots is delighted to be working with Cultivate Charlottesville to ensure financial security for our refugee micro-producers and the ability to provide healthy, fresh produce to those in our community facing food insecurity.